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Water is the most precious resource we have on our planet. From our physical makeup to our planet’s surface, water can be found all around us as an essential means of health and healing. Up to 60% of our bodies are made up of water – it is essential to the proper function of each and every organ. According to studies conducted by H.H. Mitchell, our brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and our lungs are about 83% water. Our skin contains up to 64% water – even our bones are made up of 31% water. One local company’s commitment and dedication to healthy drinking water for humans and the planet is setting them apart from the rest. Vessel Spring Water was founded by Mauryell Smith El along with his two business partners David McKnight and Eric Walker. Vessel encompasses a vast experience with quality water sourcing and storage methods, and their efforts to educate the masses on water I was able to speak with Mauryell Smith El to learn more about his company, the vision, and the benefits of glass-bottled spring water. I’ve added a few of his thoughts along with commentary. “Vessel's design and purpose is aimed at water for the mind and body, we're not just selling a product we’re selling a mindset. Understanding that the most important thing a person can put in their body is water – natural spring water, out of a glass in particular, is the purest way to consume the most precious thing in the universe.” Vessel Spring Water works to teach consumers and onlookers to be mindful of what it is we are putting into our own vessels – our bodies in their physical form. The glass bottle that Vessel chooses to use as storage is of the utmost importance for consumer health. “The glass bottle is important because it is the healthiest and safest way to store liquids. Glass gives people the best option for quality of taste and peace of mind.” Vessel believes that water is the mirror to the soul, and glass helps better reflect water's properties compared to plastic. Glass also has the best health implications for bodies of water, and the water in our bodies. Vessel takes an extra step to describe the toxins released by plastic bottles, as well as the historical significance of glass. Thousands of years ago glass bottles were used to send messages across the sea. Today, plastic sinks and pollutes our oceans, our most precious source of water. “The long-term implications of using plastic is that it makes our endocrine system deficient. Our endocrine system is our hormonal system that impacts our daily health and energy. Little plastic microbodies are being emitted into our bloodstream on a daily basis, weakening our body energy to fight off disease.” Beyond our bodies, Smith El and his team recognize the consequences plastic bottles cause for our environment. Vessel Spring Water was a concept that emerged from an educational experience in the summer of 2019, where Mauryell learned about the dangers of plastic in our environment. “I had learned that plastic pollution was causing some fish to be born with both female and male sex organs… the idea of creating glass water bottles had always been in the back of my mind since last summer.” The issue that Vessel Spring Water is actively battling should be of interest to all of us. Each of us need to drink water to be the best version of ourselves, which means we need to take care of the planet that provides us with our most valuable life source. Mindful consumption and purchasing are small steps in the right direction. Companies such as Vessel Spring Water are creating the channels necessary to tune into in order to continue purifying ourselves and the planet as a whole.

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