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As an essential hydration, Vessel is high science in a bottle with its glass frame and spring water offering the purest of taste. Vessel is promoting the best within ourselves by offering a water that reflects how pure our own vessel’s should be. We aim to raise self love with our customers by teaching them the science of how water affects the inside of the body. Vessel Spring Water is a Moorish owned water brand, partaking in the acts of uplifting fallen humanity by being industrious. The Vessel idea arose when a team of health-minded individuals originally from Chicago noticed something about the water they were drinking. There were hardly any glass bottles of spring water available on the market.


Interest in providing that option led to the team researching springs, bottle manufacturers, and marketplaces. Fate determined that the best place to begin the mission was in Colorado, where the idea was born. Here, Vessel officially began bottling and distributing spring water in an elegant and mindful packaging.


Follow our journey as we walk the path of meaningful and impactful hydration.

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