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Updated: Feb 4, 2021

We have all heard the saying "you are what you eat." Some may take that saying literally others may take it figuratively . However, there is no disputing the reality of the phrase. Food is one of the human body’s main sources of energy. When you eat, you chew your food into small bite sizes that your body uses for carbs, proteins, and calories.

One may assume that as head of a company like Vessel Spring Water that my diet is super healthy or vegan. However, historically I’ve always been a picky eater since I was a kid. I didn’t eat certain fruits, I hated vegetables, especially beans, I don’t like sushi, crab legs, shrimp etc. I used to often joke and say “I’m basic, give me wings, pizza and burgers.” Ever since I entered the adult world I have tried to become a more healthy person inside and out with my diet.

Due to my religion I stopped eating pork and other red meats. That transition was a very challenging one because I used to love sausage and pepperoni pizza, bacon burgers, ham on the holidays, pork chops etc. Soon it became easy to live without these food choices. I still ate chicken and fries plus I replaced my favorite type of pizza with good ole fashioned cheese pizza.

I haven’t eaten McDonald’s in nearly 2 years and I strive to limit my fast food intake. However, certain situations cause for the occasion like working all day and it’s too late to thaw out and cook the food you have at home.

As I transitioned over to a healthier diet I started eating more veggies and a lot of my friends were surprised because they knew my attitude towards veggies. However, to keep it a buck trying to eat healthier is not for the weak because half of the vegan options out there are terrible. Or they are just horrible “want to be foods” like cauliflower wings, seriously who thought that was a good idea???

All in all, before I go on a tangent about cauliflower wings or plant based meat, drinking plenty of spring water is the first step in wanting a healthier diet. Half the time we think we’re hungry we’re just dehydrated. Drinking water 30 minutes before you eat something makes you more full before you overstuff yourself. If you’re drinking the recommended gallon of water a day you’re at least constantly going to the bathroom expelling the waste your body creates from the food you have eaten good or bad. We are water so keep your body flowing and replenish your vessel with Vessel.

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